Notte senza fine

Sometimes there is this special moment when you listen to a new song and it catches you immediately. You feel connected to it and understand every beat and every instrument. Music helps us in many situations. In this short film it helps the girl to express her feelings and emotions in another way.



Manchmal sind wir so sehr in der Routine der Großstadt gefangen, dass wir vergessen stehen zu bleiben und auf unsere Gefühle zu hören. Ein Kurzfilm mit Luise Morgen.


Mr. Erbil

The fashion bloggers of "Mr. Erbil Gentlemen’s Club" from Iraq are a worldwide success. At the invitation of the Federal Foreign Office, they came to the capital city for a visit. Together we created this short film in the Heilstätte Grabowsee. Director: Caglar Yildiz DoP: Caglar Yildiz Edit: Caglar Yildiz 1st AC: Moritz Ladwig


This was a uni project with a good friend of mine who is studying fashion design and had a cooperation with René Lezard.


australia (free project)

This is a short video about my trip in Australia (2015/16). I traveled the country for 8 months. In that period of time I got to know what really matters in life. It’s not about the materialistic things. Values like love, self-love and happiness is way more important for me. I recognized how happy I can be without having that much.


Some thoughts at night (free project)

I like to walk at night, especially while listening to music. Walking to new places, watching the people and enjoying the ambience I am surrounded by gives me chills. Everything is in slow motion. It takes me to another world and gives me an emotional high.

a walk in berlin (free PROJECT)

When I was in Berlin in march I had the spontaneous idea to film our long walk we have done. I've always wanted to try this look and this is the result.